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Become a police officer with Federal Policing: Complete a suitability assessment

5. Complete a suitability assessment

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  1. The Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire and interview
  2. Recruitment Evaluation Centre

The Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire and interview

The Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire Interview lets us know if there are actions or behaviours, from your past, that could prevent you from becoming an RCMP police officer. Following a review of your Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire, an interview will assess the severity, recency and repetitive nature of your actions. A heavy focus is placed on honesty. It is strongly recommended that you disclose all actions and behaviors in your Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire.

Filling out the questionnaire

In this questionnaire, we'll ask you to make statements about your life. Please answer all of the questions accurately and honestly.


  • falsify, misrepresent or minimize information
  • lie
  • leave out facts
  • neglect to mention information
  • purposefully withhold any information or details about your past actions or behaviours

If you don't fully complete this questionnaire, you'll be removed from the recruiting process.

The interview

After you submit your Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire, a member of our suitability/recruiting team will review the information you provide and contact you for an interview. The interview may be by telephone or over videoconference. The interview allows us to:

  • better understand who you are
  • assess whether negative past actions and behaviours are severe, recent and repetitive

The results of this interview will affect your ability to proceed through the recruiting process.

Honesty is a very important part of the interview. We strongly advise you to disclose all actions and behaviors in your questionnaire.

Remember to review your questionnaire responses before you take part in the telephone interview or videoconference. The interviewer will be gauging your honesty and integrity during the interview.

Complete various background checks

Your employers (previous and current) and references will be contacted as part of the background check. It will contribute to verifying your honesty.

Recruitment Evaluation Centre

The Recruitment Evaluation Centre is a three-day, in-person assessment that candidates will attend to ensure that they possess the required characteristics, qualities and attributes of a police officer in Federal Policing, for example a Protective Officer. You will be provided with more information as your file moves through the recruiting process.


You will be required to complete a job-related physical ability test called the Police Fitness Assessment.

What is the Police Fitness Assessment?

The Police Fitness Assessment is a set of 4 assessments to measure fitness for RCMP duty. Each assessment replicates common, essential, physically demanding tasks that may occur in policing.

  1. Foot pursuit: 500m run with directional changes. At the halfway point of the assessment the cadet must climb a 1.4 metre chain-link fence.
  2. Physical control: Alternately pushing and pulling a sled that requires the recruit to overcome 37kg of resistance. There is one position change at the halfway point where the recruit lies on the ground and returns to a standing position. After the sled push and pull is complete the recruit will proceed to pull down a weighted mannikin that requires them to overcome 54kg of force. This assessment must be completed without any stopping.
  3. Emergency assistance: The recruit will load the back of a truck bed with 15 objects. Each item weighs 23 kg and there are 5 different shapes/styles of objects. This assessment is completed for time. The second part of this task is to evacuate patients to safety. This requires the recruit to run 50 meters and then carry a weight that replicates the position and size of half a stretcher with an adult casualty. The recruit will repeat this task three times for time.
  4. High priority task: In this task the recruit will don the additional weight of the hard body armour gear. They will sprint 150 metres, climb two flights of stairs, and finish with an additional short sprint. They will be carrying a 4.5kg weight in their hands during the task. This task must be completed in 90 seconds.

How can I prepare for the Police Fitness Assessment

5km run test

Mark out a route that covers 5km. Use a GPS or odometer where possible.

  • Minimum standard: 30 minutes
  • Target standard: 23 minutes 30 seconds to 26 minutes 30 seconds
  • Superior standard: 20 minutes 20 seconds to 23 minutes
Push-up test

Fold a hand towel into 3 parts and place it on the floor in front of you. Place yourself in a 'push-up' position, balancing on your hands and toes with the towel below your chin. Lower yourself down until your chin touches the towel. Press up to the starting position, ensuring your elbows are completely straight at the end of each repetition. Ensure your thighs do not touch the floor throughout the test. Do as many push-ups as you can without pausing or changing positions.

  • Minimum standard: 10 continuous repetitions
  • Target standard: 25 – 40 continuous repetitions
  • Superior standard: 40 – 60 continuous repetitions
Controlled fall test

Start from a standing position. Lie on the ground, on your back, until your shoulder blades connect with the floor. Feet can be bent, straight or in the air. Get up until you are fully standing. Repeat this as many times as possible in 1 minute.

  • Minimum standard: 16 continuous repetitions
  • Target standard: 25 – 21 continuous repetitions
  • Superior standard: 40 – 25 continuous repetitions
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