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Divestment of Horses program

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  1. Program background
Divested Musical Ride horses, Oracle and Brodie, at the gate of their new home.


Due to the number of applications already received, we are not accepting more at this time. We are reviewing the applications we have and may reopen the process if we don't find the right fit for the horses that are currently available. Please check this page for updates.

The Musical Ride Divestment of Horses Program allows the RCMP to divest (donate) a very limited number of its surplus horses. These horses no longer meet the Musical Ride's requirements due to their age, health conditions, permanent injuries or some other reason, and cannot be sold at the RCMP's horse auction. The Divestment of Horses Program prioritizes finding the best possible home for each available horse based on its specific needs, physical limitations and health conditions.

Program background

For more than 30 years, the Musical Ride was only allowed to transfer its surplus horses by divesting them to charities or non-profit organizations, or to other levels of government. In 2022, a Treasury Board Secretariat policy change expanded eligibility for divested horses to include members of the general public.

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