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  8. Gender and Harassment Advisory Committees
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Annual reports

Audit and Evaluation reports

Commissioner of Firearms reports

If you would like to receive a PDF copy of a previous annual Commissioner of Firearms Report please visit Government of Canada Publications.

Departmental plans

Departmental results reports

The RCMP follows Treasury Board Secretariat reporting guidelines in the drafting and finalization of the Departmental Results Report.

Departmental results reports are individual department and agency accounts of results achieved against planned performance expectations as set out in respective departmental plans. These reports, which cover the most recently completed fiscal year, are tabled in Parliament in the fall by the President of the Treasury Board on behalf of the ministers who preside over the appropriation dependent departments and agencies identified in Schedules I, I.1 and II of the Financial Administration Act.

The annual Departmental Results Report is one of our primary instruments of public accountability and every effort is made to provide consistent, comprehensive and accurate information relating to our performance. The evolution to strong and meaningful accountability between government and Canadian citizens is occasionally difficult - the "bottom line" is not always well defined. The RCMP strives to earn and maintain the trust and respect of Canadians by ensuring ownership, responsibility and accountability at every level. The Report provides a sound basis of accountability for the results achieved with the resources and authorities entrusted to the RCMP.

Fees report

In June 2017, the Service Fees Act came into force, which replaced the User Fees Act. To ensure compliance with the Service Fees Act, the RCMP is required to submit an annual Fees Report to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. The Fees Report provides general information on the RCMP's fee amounts, as well as future adjusted fees.

Gender and Harassment Advisory Committees

General topics

Ministerial transition binder

Briefing materials prepared for the new Minister of Public Safety

National DNA Data Bank

If you would like to receive a PDF copy of a previous annual reports for the National DNA Data Bank please visit Government of Canada Publications.

Quarterly financial reports

Witness Protection Program

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