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Canadian Border Services Agency
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Halifax Regional Police
Homeland Security Investigations
Integrated Emergency Services
Internet Child Exploitation
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Street Crime Enforcement Unit
Underwater Recovery Team
Valley Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit

Message from the Commanding Officer

The Nova Scotia RCMP received thousands of calls for service in 2023. Our teams advanced hundreds of investigations and laid charges for many serious offences, including sexual assault, human trafficking, illicit drugs and homicide.

In 2023, we welcomed the results of the Mass Casualty Commission's extensive inquiry into the April 2020 mass casualty, hired a record number of experienced police officers, greeted new cadets, and began talking in earnest with African Nova Scotians and all people of African descent about addressing the harm caused by our historic use of street checks.

Much of what we do involves working with others, whether they're survivors, victims, witnesses, police partners, community members or provincial agencies. It's this emphasis on partnership that allows us to do our best work in reducing and preventing crime.

As the provincial police service, the Nova Scotia RCMP is dedicated to serving Nova Scotians each and every day. As you read through Your Nova Scotia RCMP: 2023, you'll see a sampling of the efforts that underscore this shared commitment.

Nova Scotia RCMP leadership team

Under the direction of the Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Dennis Daley, and by supporting frontline police officers, civilian members, and public service employees, this team of senior leaders from across the province works to enhance the safety and security of Nova Scotians.

  • Chief Superintendent Sue Black, Officer in Charge - Criminal Operations (now retired)
  • Chief Superintendent Jeff Christie, Officer in Charge - Halifax Regional Detachment
  • Superintendent Sean Auld, Officer in Charge - Support Services
  • Superintendent Dan Morrow, Officer in Charge - Southwest Nova District (now Chief Superintendent Dan Morrow, Officer in Charge - Criminal Operations)
  • Superintendent Jason Popik, Officer in Charge - Federal Policing
  • Superintendent Dustine Rodier, Officer in Charge - Administration and Personnel
  • Superintendent Dustin Ward, Officer in Charge - Northeast Nova District

Learn more about the senior leadership team.

Provincial operational policing priorities

In addition to day-to-day policing duties, the Nova Scotia RCMP works with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice to address areas of public safety that require a strategic, targeted operational policing approach. In 2023, as the provincial police service, we were mandated to focus on the following operational themes:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Hate crime
  • Human trafficking
  • Internet child exploitation
  • Serious and organized crime

Key operational files

Several operational files in each of the provincial priority areas are highlighted below.

Gender-Based Violence: RCMP charge man with sexual assault

On March 15, the Antigonish County District RCMP received a report of sexual assault involving a female victim. RCMP officers learned that a 22-year-old Antigonish man had sexually assaulted the woman in September 2022 and had been harassing her since the incident.

As the investigation continued, three more women reported being sexually assaulted by the same man between September 2022 and February 2023.

On April 14, RCMP officers safely arrested the man at a home on Church St. in Antigonish. He was charged with Sexual Assault (four counts) and released on conditions. He appeared in Antigonish Provincial Court in June.

Gender-Based Violence: RCMP launch Nova Scotia Youth Centre investigation hotline

In July, the Major Crime Unit launched a confidential hotline as part of an investigation into reports of sexual assaults that occurred at the Nova Scotia Youth Centre, known as Waterville, between 1988 and 2017.

RCMP officers had taken statements from more than 70 survivors as part of the investigation, called Operation Headwind, and encouraged other survivors and people in the community with information to come forward.

Survivors who had not yet spoken with investigators, and others with knowledge of the assaults, were asked to call the confidential Operation Headwind tip line at 902-720-5313 (or toll-free: 833-314-3475).

Hate Crime: RCMP arrest a man in relation to a hate-motivated incident

RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment (HRD) arrested a man in connection to a hate-motivated incident that occurred in Lower Sackville.

On April 3, at approximately 12:15 pm, HRD responded to a report of an assault that occurred outside a public library on Sackville Dr. RCMP officers learned that a man approached a woman, who was wearing a hijab, and threatened her after she exited the building. The 21-year-old Bedford woman was not physically harmed.

At approximately 2:45 pm, using information from a witness and security footage, RCMP officers located and safely arrested the 53-year-old Lower Sackville man believed to be involved in the incident.

Information gathered by investigators indicates that while no assault occurred, the threats were motivated by hate based on religion.

The man appeared in Halifax Provincial Court in June to face a charge of Uttering Threats.

Hate Crime: RCMP arrest three youths in relation to a hate-motivated crime

On April 21, at approximately 2:45 pm, RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment (HRD) responded to a report of mischief that occurred at Bay View High School in Upper Tantallon.

RCMP officers learned that a youth, assisted by two others, had taken down a pride flag that was inside the school and proceeded to burn it once they were outside. The incident was captured on video by one of the youths.

Information gathered by investigators, in consultation with the Halifax Regional Police Hate Crimes Unit, indicates that the criminal offence was motivated by hate based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

On May 2, 3 and 4, the youths were arrested after being asked to appear individually with a parent or guardian at the Tantallon RCMP detachment. Two of the youths were charged with Mischief while the third faced charges of Mischief and Abetting. The youths appeared in Halifax Youth Justice Court in May.

Human Trafficking: RCMP charge four people in relation to a human trafficking investigation

The Southwest Nova Major Crime Unit charged four people with intimidation of a justice system participant in relation to human trafficking that occurred in the Yarmouth area.

On January 22, the Yarmouth Rural RCMP began an investigation after receiving a report of a sexual assault at a property in Brooklyn. RCMP officers learned that one person had been sexually assaulted and a second person had been assaulted with the intent to intimidate them because of their involvement in an ongoing court process related to a human trafficking investigation.

The Southwest Nova Major Crime Unit, assisted by the RCMP Emergency Response Team, arrested three men and one woman involved in the assaults. A search warrant was also executed at the Brooklyn property. The three men and woman, all of Yarmouth County, were each charged with multiple offences, including, but not limited to: Unlawful Confinement; Sexual Assault in Which Other Persons Were Also a Party; Sexual Assault; Intimidation of a Justice Participant; Obstructing Justice; Criminal Harassment; Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized; and Assault.

The investigation was led by the Southwest Nova Major Crime Unit and assisted by the Yarmouth Rural RCMP, Yarmouth Town RCMP and the Nova Scotia Human Trafficking Unit.

Human Trafficking: Police charge Cape Breton man with more than 70 sexual offences

Police charged a Cape Breton man with more than 70 sexual offences in a multi-agency investigation.

On December 6, investigators, including members of the Provincial Human Trafficking Unit, the Cape Breton Regional Police Service and the RCMP, safely arrested a man at a home in Dominion. The arrest was part of an investigation that began in 2021, when several victims reported that a man was targeting women in the Cape Breton area.

During the course of the investigation, officers uncovered evidence that women were being video recorded without their consent and that the videos were being posted and sold online.

A 45-year-old Dominion man was charged with 72 offences, including, but not limited to: Human Trafficking; Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration; Procuring; Sexual Assault; Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm; Publication of Intimate Images; Voyeurism; Extortion; Sexual Interference;  Trafficking in Substances; and Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited Weapon.

The investigation was led by the Provincial Human Trafficking Unit, the Cape Breton Regional Police Service and the Nova Scotia RCMP, including the Proceeds of Crime Unit, Digital Forensic Services Unit, the Southwest Nova RCMP Major Crime Unit, the Cybercrime Unit, the Integrated Child Exploitation Unit, and the Interview Assistance Team.

Internet Child Exploitation: Windsor man charged with child pornography offences

The RCMP Provincial Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit charged a Windsor man for child pornography offences.

In January, the RCMP Provincial ICE Unit received information that child pornography was being shared on a social media application.

On February 16, the ICE Unit, assisted by West Hants District RCMP and RCMP Digital Forensic Services, executed a search warrant at a home in Windsor.

A 64-year-old man was safely arrested at the residence. He was charged with Possession of Child Pornography (two counts); Transmitting Child Pornography; Making Arrangement to Commit a Sexual Offence Against Child; and Making Sexually Explicit Material Available to Child.

The man was released on a number of conditions and appeared in Windsor Provincial Court in April.

Internet Child Exploitation: Police charge man with numerous child pornography offences

The Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit of the RCMP/HRP Integrated Criminal Investigation Division charged a Windsor Junction man with child pornography, sexual and firearms offences.

Between July 14 and 19, the Integrated ICE Unit, assisted by officers from the RCMP/HRP Criminal Investigation Division and RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment, executed multiple search warrants throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality in relation to a child pornography investigation.

During the searches, officers located and seized photo studio equipment, electronic devices containing child pornography, firearms, and ammunition.

A 57-year-old man was charged with 19 offences in relation to crimes against children and nine firearms offences, including the following, which occurred between 2006 and 2023: Sexual Assault; Luring a Child; Making Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography; Invitation to Sexual Touching; Sexual Interference; Unsafe Storage of a Firearm; and Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm.

The man was remanded into custody and appeared in Dartmouth Provincial Court in August. He was released by the court on 27 conditions; he's to have no contact with any person under the age of 16.

Serious and Organized Crime: CBSA and RCMP lay charges in 3D firearm investigation

Following an investigation related to a suspected firearms manufacturing operation in Nova Scotia, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the RCMP charged a man with a number of smuggling and firearms-related offences.

In spring 2022, CBSA officers with the Outports and Postal Operations District Firearms Unit at the International Mail Processing Centre in Toronto intercepted two suspicious parcels addressed to a residence in Meaghers Grant. Each package contained five firearm suppressors; these items were held by CBSA for further investigation.

On July 19, 2022, CBSA investigators arrested a Meaghers Grant man for smuggling and executed a search warrant at his residence. During the search of the home, CBSA located and seized one 3D firearm with suppressor, 3D firearm components, one prohibited handgun, a large amount of cash, and 40 3D-printed Glock switches, which enable semi-automatic firearms to be fully automatic.

The CBSA requested operational assistance from the RCMP National Weapons Enforcement Support Team during the search warrant, to identify the seized firearms and associated components.

The items seized by the CBSA were transferred to the Halifax Street Crime Enforcement Unit (SCEU), which initiated a firearms trafficking investigation. The firearms and firearm components were sent for analysis. Multiple warrants to search mobile devices were also obtained by RCMP investigators.

On February 1, the 30-year-old man was arrested by RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment SCEU for multiple weapons offences and was charged with the following: Weapons Trafficking (three counts); Possession for the Purpose of Weapons Trafficking; Making Automatic Firearm; Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition; Possession of Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized; Possession of Prohibited Weapon or Device Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized (three counts); Unauthorized Possession of Prohibited Weapon or Restricted Weapon (three counts); Careless Use of Firearm; Contravention of Storage Regulations; and Unauthorized Importing or Exporting.

On the same date, the man was charged by the CBSA with Smuggling and Keeping, Acquiring, Disposing of Goods Illegally Imported.

Serious and Organized Crime: RCMP charge three people in homicide of Andrew Carter Morris

The Northeast Nova RCMP Major Crime Unit charged three people in the 2021 murder of Andrew Carter Morris.

On August 9, 2021, at approximately 5:45 am, Eskasoni RCMP responded to a report of a sudden death on Beach Rd. in Eskasoni. Police found a 30-year-old Eskasoni man deceased; his death was ruled a homicide.

The Northeast Nova RCMP Major Crime Unit, with assistance from the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service, RCMP Forensic Identification Services and the Eskasoni RCMP collected evidence and issued public appeals for information.

On February 22, members of the Northeast Nova RCMP Major Crime Unit, with assistance from the Nova Scotia RCMP Emergency Response Team, attended a home on 74th St. in Eskasoni, where a 34-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man were safely arrested.

On May 4, RCMP officers attended a home on 74th St. in Eskasoni where they safely arrested a 23-year-old man in connection to the homicide.

The three people, from Eskasoni, were charged with First Degree Murder. The 34-year-old woman and 33-year-old man were also charged with two counts of Armed Robbery.

Serious and Organized Crime: RCMP charge man with persons and firearms offences

Lunenburg District RCMP charged a man with persons and firearms offences following an incident in Chester Basin.

On March 19, at approximately 4:15 pm, Lunenburg District RCMP responded to a report of an altercation involving a firearm on Lower Grant Rd.

RCMP officers learned that a 60-year-old man had threatened and pointed a firearm at a 13-year-old during an argument. A 41-year-old man then arrived at the home and the 60-year-old man initiated a physical confrontation with him. The 60-year-old man then ran out of the house with the firearm and returned a few minutes later empty-handed.

RCMP officers safely arrested the 60-year-old man of Chester Basin. He was charged with multiple offences, including, but not limited to: Assault with a Weapon; Assault; Uttering Threats; Careless Use of a Firearm; and Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose.

RCMP Police Dog Services were called to assist and located the firearm in a nearby wooded area. The man appeared in Bridgewater Provincial Court in April.

Serious and Organized Crime: RCMP charge man with second degree murder

The Southwest Nova RCMP Major Crime Unit charged a man with second degree murder in connection with a homicide in Lunenburg County.

On July 26, at approximately 2:45 pm, Lunenburg District RCMP responded to a report of human remains in Parkdale. Investigators determined the remains were those of a male and the death was ruled a homicide.

A 40-year-old Blockhouse man was charged with Second Degree Murder and a province-wide arrest warrant was issued. On August 24, the man was safely arrested in Gold River. He appeared in Bridgewater Provincial Court in August.

Serious and Organized Crime Valley Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit charge three people with drug and firearms offences

The Valley Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit (VISCU) charged three people with drug trafficking and firearms offences in South Greenwood.

On September 7, as part of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation, VISCU, assisted by the Kings District RCMP General Investigation Section, Kings District RCMP and the Criminal Intelligence Service of Nova Scotia, executed a search warrant at a home on Hwy. 201.

Officers located and safely arrested three people inside the residence. During the search, officers located and seized cocaine, morphine, methamphetamine, clonazepam, a shotgun, a rifle with an attached silencer, ammunition, scales, cash, cell phones, and illegal cigarettes.

A man and a woman from South Greenwood and a woman from Aylesford were charged with multiple offences, including, but not limited to: Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking; Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm; Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized; and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.

The 43-year-old man was also charged with Possession of a Firearm/Device Contrary to Prohibition Order. He appeared in Kentville Provincial Court in October.

The 67-year-old and 35-year-old women appeared in Kentville Provincial Court in November.

Serious and Organized Crime: HRP/RCMP Criminal Investigation Division Integrated Special Enforcement Section arrest three people for drugs and firearms offences

On October 31, the HRP/RCMP Criminal Investigation Division Integrated Special Enforcement Section, assisted by the Nova Scotia RCMP Emergency Response Team and the Halifax Regional Police Emergency Response Team, executed a search warrant at a home on Pockwock Rd. in Upper Hammonds Plains.

Two women were located at the home and were safely arrested. While police were conducting the search, a man arrived at the residence and was also safely arrested.

During the search, police located and seized cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, prescription pills, a scale, cell phones, three rifles, and a shotgun.

A 44-year-old Upper Hammonds Plains woman, a 25-year-old Upper Hammonds Plains woman, and a 48-year-old Upper Hammond Plains man appeared in Halifax Provincial Court in December to face charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (two counts).

Federal Policing: Operation Highspeed: Cocaine, MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), psilocybin capsules and cash seized

After a months-long drug trafficking investigation named Operation Highspeed, the RCMP Federal Intelligence Unit in Nova Scotia arrested multiple people with ties to organized crime and seized cocaine, MDMA, psilocybin capsules, packaging, drug paraphernalia and cash.

In November 2022, the RCMP Federal Intelligence Unit in Nova Scotia began an investigation into the movement of drugs between the three Maritime provinces and Ontario.

On January 16 and 17, investigators attended four locations and searched a vehicle, resulting in the arrest of three men and one woman and the seizure of illicit drugs and cash.

On January 16, members of the RCMP Crime Reduction Unit in Prince Edward Island safely arrested two men at a bus depot in Charlottetown. During the arrest, a package containing 300 grams of cocaine was seized.

Later on January 16, members of the RCMP Federal Intelligence Unit in Nova Scotia safely arrested a man and a woman at a bus depot in Halifax.

On January 17, members of the RCMP Crime Reduction Unit, Intelligence Collection Team, RCMP Federal and Serious Organized Crime in Prince Edward Island, Queens District RCMP, Kings District RCMP, Kings RCMP Street Crime Unit and RCMP Police Dog Services, executed a search warrant at a home on Route 18a in Murray Harbour. During the search, additional evidence of drug trafficking was seized.

At the same time, members of the RCMP Federal Intelligence Unit, Federal and Serious Organized Crime and the RCMP Emergency Response Team in Nova Scotia executed search warrants at a business on Inglis St. in Halifax, an apartment on the Bedford Hwy. in Halifax, a home on Armenia Drive in Bedford and on a 2010 Toyota Prius. During these searches, RCMP investigators located and seized 1.3 kgs of cocaine, 2 kgs of MDMA, approximately 4,000 psilocybin capsules, $45,000 in cash, packaging and drug paraphernalia.

A 53-year-old Murray Harbour man and a 41-year-old Lower Montague man were charged with Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.

A 28-year-old Halifax man was charged with Trafficking Cocaine; Possession of Property Obtained by Crime (two counts); Possession of Cocaine for Purpose of Trafficking; Possession of Psilocybin for Purpose of Trafficking; and Possession of Psilocin for Purpose of Trafficking.

A 27-year-old Halifax woman was charged with Possession of Cocaine for Purpose of Trafficking; Possession of Psilocybin for Purpose of Trafficking; Possession of Psilocin for Purpose of Trafficking; and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.

And on April 4, a 28-year-old Halifax man was arrested and charged with Possession of MDMA for Purpose of Trafficking.

Federal Policing: Federal RCMP and Homeland Security Investigations disrupt international drug ring

On August 10, after a 16-month investigation led by the Nova Scotia RCMP's Federal Policing section, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Buffalo, New York, arrested a 37-year-old Hamilton, Ontario, man in possession of 433 kgs of cocaine destined for Canada. The man had ties to Nova Scotia's drug trade.

American officials believe the investigation led to the largest cocaine bust ever seen in western New York state.

The RCMP's Federal Policing team in Ontario conducted subsequent searches associated to the man in the Hamilton and Niagara regions, resulting in the seizure of additional evidence consistent with drug trafficking and money laundering.

In spring 2022, officers with the Nova Scotia RCMP's Federal Policing unit identified a criminal group involving the man that was importing drugs into Canada from the United States. The network, which was considered to be one of the more sophisticated drug trafficking networks within Atlantic Canada, was facilitating the movement of imported cocaine throughout Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

In May, Nova Scotia RCMP officers conducted a traffic stop near the Cobequid Pass and intercepted 40 kgs of cocaine; the cocaine was on its way to the network's dealers in Halifax. And on September 1, RCMP officers from Federal Policing in Nova Scotia executed multiple search warrants across the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The searches resulted in the arrest of four people, who faced multiple drug charges. The charges included, but were not limited to: Participation in Activities of Criminal Organization; Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence; Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine) for the Purpose of Trafficking; Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamines) for the Purpose of Trafficking; Possess, produce, sell, import or transport anything intending that it will be used to produce a controlled substance or traffic in a controlled substance; Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Selling; Possession of Property Obtained by Crime; and Laundering Proceeds of Crime

Investigators seized four kilograms of cocaine, approximately $170,000 in cash, an estimated $120,000 in silver bars, multiple electronic devices, and six vehicles.

The 37-year-old Hamilton man remains in US custody; all other arrested parties were released with court dates.

In addition to HSI, several groups assisted the RCMP with the investigation. Partnering organizations include Canada Border Services Agency in Nova Scotia, Fredericton Police Force, Public Services and Procurement Canada Forensic Accounting Management Group, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, and Criminal Intelligence Service of Nova Scotia.

Other priorities and significant initiatives

Receipt of Mass Casualty Commission final report

In early 2023, we received the Mass Casualty Commission's final report on the April 2020 mass casualty. The RCMP's collective and ongoing efforts, along with many stakeholders, to address the report will strengthen the safety and well-being of Nova Scotians and all Canadians.

Recruitment of experienced police officers and cadets

In 2023, we recruited a number of experienced police officers from other police services. Thirty-four experienced police officers were sworn into the RCMP in front of their families and new colleagues, bringing a wealth of policing knowledge, skills and experience to the organization. We also welcomed 26 cadets from RCMP Depot; they've been assigned to serve communities across the province.

First Nations policing

In 2023, the Nova Scotia RCMP took a targeted approach to improve staffing in First Nations detachments, resulting in staffing stability in these areas. We continue to work with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice on our service delivery in First Nations communities.

Response to environmental disasters

In May, during the Tantallon and Shelburne County wildfires, RCMP officers proactively patrolled neighbourhoods and communities to keep them secure while firefighters worked to extinguish widespread flames. And following a rainstorm in July, RCMP officers, along with officials from partner agencies, searched for a man, two children, and a youth who were reported missing after the vehicles they were travelling in were swept away by floodwaters in the West Hants area.

Apology to African Nova Scotians and all people of African descent

As work continues to address recommendations outlined in the Wortley Report, we announced that the Nova Scotia RCMP will apologize to African Nova Scotians and all people of African descent for the harm caused by our historic use of street checks and other interactions that've had a negative impact on the Black community. Consultation sessions were held in African Nova Scotian communities across the province to ensure that the upcoming apology and subsequent action plan are meaningful to those affected. The apology will be delivered in 2024.

Launch of online crime reporting

In October, The RCMP launched online crime reporting. Nova Scotians within areas of RCMP jurisdiction can now report the following incidents online: mischief/damage to property or vehicle (under $5,000); hit-and-run of an unoccupied vehicle/property (under $5,000); theft under $5,000 (including bicycles and theft from vehicles); and lost property (including licence plates and registration tags). After submitting an online crime report, complainants receive an email confirmation with an incident number and an officer follows up within five business days.

Celebration of Underwater Recovery Team 50th anniversary

As the RCMP celebrated its 150th year, the Division's Underwater Recovery Team (URT), the second oldest URT in Canada, also marked a milestone: its 50th anniversary. In 1972, seven Sydney-area RCMP officers became certified scuba divers; the Cape Breton group – which served as our first unofficial URT – was known as the Scarlet Divers. Five decades later, URT members, all divers and trained investigators, continue to conduct vital policing duties throughout the province. The Division's URT members, led by Sgt. Mark Bishop, are involved in collecting and documenting evidence from ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans.

Work to assist unhoused Haligonians

In late 2023, RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment (HRD) began work to assist the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) with its homelessness strategy. HRD embedded a Community Action and Response Team officer with the HRM team working to support the unhoused. The 60-day deployment provided HRM decision-makers with the officer's on-the-ground perspective on the challenges faced by encampment residents, local businesses, community members and police in relation to the Lower Sackville encampment.

Addressing crime prevention and community wellbeing

The Nova Scotia RCMP is moving forward with the creation of a Community Safety and Wellbeing Unit. Using evidence-based data and strategically engaging police and community partners, the unit will address the root causes of crime and victimization. It will be the first RCMP province-wide unit of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

Responding to mental health calls

Mental health-related incidents continue to be an issue across the province. Between August and January, calls for service increased from 1,393 (2022) to 1,480 (2023). And wellbeing checks increased by 12% (excluding Halifax Regional Municipality); last year, RCMP Regional Detachment averaged more than three mental health-related calls per day.

Provincial and district policing data

  • Cadets assigned to the Nova Scotia RCMP: 26
  • Experienced police officers recruited to the Nova Scotia RCMP: 34
  • 911 calls received by the Operational Communications Centre: 120,373
  • 911 calls received by Integrated Emergency Services: 179,092*
  • Non-emergency calls received by the Operational Communications Centre: 130,851
  • Non-emergency calls received by Integrated Emergency Services: 162,328
  • Number of calls requiring RCMP officers to be dispatched via the Operational Communications Centre: 81,988
  • Number of calls requiring RCMP officers to be dispatched via Integrated Emergency Services: 53,483


  • The Operational Communications Centre answers all 911 calls and dispatches for all RCMP jurisdictions in Nova Scotia, except those within the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The centre also handles dispatch for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Nova Scotia and for Environment and Climate Change Canada wildlife officers working in Atlantic Canada.
  • Integrated Emergency Services (IES) answers all 911 calls for the HRM area and dispatches for RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment, Halifax Regional Police, and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. IES answers and refers calls to Emergency Health Services.
  • A number of non-emergent calls do not require a dispatch or file creation (e.g., requests to speak with officers, enquiries about fingerprint or criminal record checks, etc.)
  • *911 reporting was down for a three-week period in mid-summer 2023; therefore, the number of calls for that period was estimated based on the daily average.

Specialized unit call-outs

Call-outs: Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Services

Halifax Regional Detachment
Northeast Nova District
Southwest Nova District
Other agency assists

Call-outs: Critical Incident Program (Crisis Negotiation Team)

Halifax Regional Detachment
Northeast Nova District
Southwest Nova District
Other agency assists

Call-outs: Critical Incident Program Emergency Response Team

Halifax Regional Detachment
Northeast Nova District
Southwest Nova District
Other agency assists

Call-outs: Police Dog Services

Halifax Regional Detachment
Northeast Nova District
Southwest Nova District
Other agency assists

Call-outs: Underwater Recovery Team

Halifax Regional Detachment
Northeast Nova District
Southwest Nova District
Other agency assists

Community support and engagement

In 2023, the Nova Scotia RCMP participated in a variety of events and initiatives across the province.

A police dog is surrounded by donated items collected for people in need.

Corporal Neudorf of Police Dog Services collected 95 pairs of gently used boots from his colleagues for donation to people in need.

An RCMP officer, surrounded by two other people, salutes while standing on the ice at Madison Square Garden.

Sergeant Seeley proudly represented the RCMP at a Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Rangers game. She joined two members of the New York Police Department during the singing of the national anthems.

An RCMP officer shakes the hand of a community member as he delivers a cheque.

Staff Sergeant Cameron of the Digby RCMP presented Mr. Kerry Johnson, president of the Jordantown Acaciaville Conway Betterment Association, with a cheque for $3,000; the money was put towards the construction of the African Nova Scotian Centre of Excellence in Acaciaville.

A child, her back to the camera, chats with an RCMP officer at a Police Week exhibit.

A number of units participated in Police Week open houses in Dartmouth and Springhill.

A police officer delivers a presentation in front of a room of people.

The RCMP/Halifax Regional Police (HRP) Integrated Financial Crime Unit delivered a fraud prevention talk at the Henry G. Bauld Centre in Westphal. Det. Mackenzie (HRP), in collaboration with the North Preston RCMP, shared tips on how to avoid becoming a scam victim.

A student and a police officer pose together for a photo; both are smiling at the camera.

Addison Smith, a grade 5 student at Bridgewater Junior High School, showcased the RCMP's 150th anniversary at the Nova Scotia Provincial Heritage Fair at Saint Mary's University. For the project, she interviewed A/Commr. Daley, Commanding Officer. Addison won the award for Excellence in Research.

Five RCMP officers are marching in a parade, followed by a police car.

A number of officers, along with the RCMP Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers Nova Scotia, proudly marched in the Apple Blossom Parade.

Four police officers pose in front of a blue backdrop.

Sergeant Joyce, Constable Ronaghan, Sergeant Young and Staff Sergeant MacKinnon attended the opening ceremonies of the 250th Anniversary of the Ship Hector landing.

A fire pit stands next to a memorial and in front of a grey building.

With the help of Pictou Landing First Nation residents, Shaw Brick, Tupper's Landscaping, Pictou County District RCMP employees, and a retired RCMP member, a fire pit was gifted to Pictou Landing First Nation.

At a war memorial, two RCMP officers, surrounded by others, bow their heads.

On Nov. 11, RCMP officers, veterans and employees attended Remembrance Day ceremonies across the province, including the Preston Area Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Two hockey players from opposing teams congratulate each other after a game.

RCMP employees participated in a number of community sports games throughout the year for charity. In November, the Hants East Regional High School and East Hants District RCMP hockey teams took to the ice in support of the Braeden Bannister Memorial Fund.

A black horse ridden by an RCMP officer is petted by two children.

Pictou District RCMP and a number of community volunteers ensured the RCMP Musical Ride was a success.

Four people, including three police officers, are standing next to a police vehicle with gifts in the trunk.

RCMP teams across the province participated in stuff-the-cruiser events, collecting holiday gifts for people in need.

A police officer and three other people, including two children, are riding a ski lift.

Constable Collins, School Support Resource Officer, spent time on the slopes with some students.

Posters are attached to a large, parked RCMP vehicle.

The Nova Scotia RCMP participated in the world's largest truck convoy in support of Special Olympics athletes.

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