Alberta RCMP

Alberta RCMP careers

There are many career opportunities with the RCMP in Alberta for police officers and civilian employees. If you want to make a difference, have a positive impact and support your community, province and country, explore what we have to offer.

Services and information

Police officer careers

With federal, provincial, and municipal policing mandates, the Alberta RCMP offers over 150 different types of career opportunities to choose from.

Experienced police officers

The Alberta RCMP is actively seeking experienced police officers from other Canadian police agencies to join now.

9-1-1 police dispatchers

Alberta 9-1-1 Police Dispatchers receive and process emergency and non-emergency calls from both the public and first responder agencies.

Civilian employee careers

The Alberta RCMP hires civilian employees in a wide variety of disciplines to support our police officers at the detachment, provincial and federal levels.

Reserve constables

The Alberta RCMP hires former (retired) RCMP officers in good standing, and provides them with opportunities to fill short-term staffing vacancies.


We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Programs and activities offered differ at each Alberta detachment.

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