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Organized crime and illegal cannabis

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  1. Future of the illegal cannabis market

Half of the national high-threat organized crime groups are involved in the illicit cannabis market. These groups operate across Canada in all aspects of the cannabis distribution chain. Their criminal activities may expand beyond cannabis to include fentanyl, cocaine, firearms, and tobacco.

The RCMP approach to investigating has not changed with cannabis legalization. We continue to investigate organized crime groups that illegally produce or export cannabis and share information with our policing partners.

Future of the illegal cannabis market

The RCMP continues to monitor organized crime involvement in the cannabis market following the coming into force of the Cannabis Act. We will continue to work with our partners to make sure that cannabis legislation and regulations will reduce criminal involvement in the cannabis market.

All Canadian law enforcement organizations' tools to deal with the illegal production, distribution, importation and exportation of cannabis remain in place.

Check out how we combat illegal cannabis operations and clandestine labs on our marihuana and synthetic drug initiatives page.

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