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Become a police officer with Federal Policing: Attend a career presentation and complete the RCMP online entrance assessment

3. Attend a career presentation and complete the RCMP online entrance assessment

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  1. Attend a career presentation
  2. Online Entrance Assessment

Attend a career presentation

Once you have been screened into the process, you will be invited to attend a career presentation.

During the career presentation, you will learn more about a career in Federal Policing and you will be able to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with a proactive recruiter.

Online Entrance Assessment

You will also receive an email from a recruiter that will include the link to the RCMP Online Entrance Assessment.

What is the RCMP Online Entrance Assessment?

The RCMP Online Entrance Assessment is not an exam, but rather an assessment of your personality, behaviour, and cognitive ability.

The RCMP Online Entrance Assessment was designed as a biased-free tool to assess applicants as part of the recruiting process. The RCMP Online Entrance Assessment consists of six sections:

  • Section 1: Workstyle preference
  • Section 2: Language comprehension
  • Section 3: Numerical skills
  • Section 4: Spatial skills
  • Section 5: Memory quotient
  • Section 6: Business reasoning

The assessment should take approximately 55-70 minutes to complete. There are several timed portions. It is recommended that you complete the entire assessment in one session.

How do I prepare?
The RCMP Online Entrance Assessment Preparatory Guide has been developed to assist you in preparing to complete the assessment.
What score do I need to pass and move on in the process?
Completing the RCMP Online Entrance Assessment does not guarantee advancement in the Federal Policing recruiting process. We will measure your score against the RCMP Standards for police applicants to determine if your score is competitive. If you are unsuccessful, you will be eligible to re-apply after a waiting period of 3 months.
You've successfully completed Step 3! What happens next?
Congratulations! You will be contacted to continue to the next step of the recruiting process.

At the next stage of the process, you will be asked to submit all forms and documents within 2 business days. If you submit all completed forms and documents correctly within 2 business days, you will be fast-tracked to the following step of the process.

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