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Become a police officer with Federal Policing: Submit the required forms and documents

4. Submit the required forms and documents

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  1. Required forms
  2. Security Screening Application
  3. Required personal documents

If the RCMP selects you to continue in the process, you will be asked to submit all forms and documents within 2 business days. Do not attempt to submit these forms and documents until they are requested from you.

In order to help ensure your forms and documents are completed correctly, please note the following:

  • Incomplete or illegible forms will not be considered.
  • You must complete the forms electronically, print them and sign them.
  • Some forms require initials which can only be performed once the form has been printed.
  • You will be provided with instructions on how to submit your forms and documentation electronically. Hand delivered, mailed or emailed packages will not be accepted.
  • Retain original copies of all forms for your records. You may be asked to supply hard copies to authenticate your documentation.
  • All dates are to be entered in order of YYYY/MM/DD.
  • Incorrect or incomplete forms may cause a considerable delay in your recruiting process and may lead to your file being closed.

To further assist you in filling out your forms, we have created the following tips

Most web browsers will not let you open, fill and save our PDF forms.

Mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and cell phones cannot be used to open and fill our PDF forms.

To be able to fill and save one of our PDF forms, you must first download it to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader® 10 (or a more recent version).

Required forms

Security Screening Application

You will be required to complete an online Security Screening Application, which is accessed through GCKey. GCKey is a service provided by the Government of Canada to allow you to securely conduct online business with various governmental programs and services. If selected, you will be provided instructions on how to create your GCKey and submit your personal information through the online an online Security Screening Application.

If you encounter any technical issues or have any questions regarding the online security screening application process, please contact one of the following:

Required personal documents

Originals of the following documents will be required to be scanned. Scans of copies will not be accepted.

  • Birth certificate (front and back).
  • Canadian Citizenship or permanent resident card and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292) (if applicable).
  • Social Insurance Number.
  • Marriage/Divorce/Separation or Name Change Certificate (if applicable).
  • 2 passport photographs.
  • Proof of education: Canadian transcripts of high school marks (must indicate graduated) or equivalency assessment.
  • Valid Canadian Driver's License (front and back).
  • Statement of Driving Record from every province or territory that you have lived in for the last 3 years.
  • Provincial Health Card.
  • A valid standard first aid certificate, including Level C CPR for infant, child and adult (must be valid for the duration of your Cadet Training Program).


This certificate will be requested closer to the end of the recruiting process. You are not to submit this in your selection package. The certification needs to be valid at the time of the Federal Policing Recruit Training enrollment.

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