Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police core values

The guiding principles of the RCMP are its core values, which have been renewed as part of Vision 150.

Take responsibility
We are transparent about our decisions and actions, and hold ourselves accountable for the results and impacts.
Show respect
We treat all people with fairness. We value and promote reconciliation, diversity and inclusion by being considerate of the democratic rights, history and lived experiences of others.
Serve with excellence
We commit to continuous learning, and work collaboratively with colleagues, communities, and partners to provide and support innovative and professional policing services.
Demonstrate compassion
We care for each other and the communities we serve by approaching each situation with empathy and a genuine desire to help.
Act with integrity
We conduct ourselves ethically and do so with honesty, dignity, and honour.

The conduct of RCMP employees is expected to reflect these core values and is behind the respect the organisation has earned worldwide.

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