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Capacity building

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The RCMP's expertise is sought- after within the international law enforcement community. Its capacity building program develops and strengthens law enforcement agencies in other countries. Police agencies all over the world can request the RCMP's help with training and mentoring.

By building the capacity of foreign police to address criminal and other security threats, the RCMP helps create a safer and more stable global environment.

Training approach

The RCMP's international training philosophy is also based on the notion of training the trainers. The goal is to ensure police trainers in the other countries become more proficient in the design and delivery of their own training courses.

Police training assistance program

This program provides learning opportunities for personnel in the international police community. Over the long-term, they increase their skills and knowledge in operational and administrative matters.

The RCMP supplies resources and expertise for international police training programs. They help in developing countries to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute crime.

Training is offered to:

  • police investigators
  • criminal intelligence analysts
  • specialized drug and organized crime, and national security investigators
  • customs and immigration officials
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