Royal Canadian Mounted Police

International policing

Criminality is increasingly transnational in nature. Many of the RCMP's federal investigations extend beyond Canada's borders. The RCMP's International Policing Program promotes collaboration between law enforcement agencies in Canada and abroad to better fight against global crimes.

Services and information

Peace operations

Canadian police officers and personnel deploy to peace and stabilization missions to improve safety and security in those communities.

Current peace operations

Canadian law enforcement personnel deploy all around the globe to United Nations, European Union, bilateral or multilateral missions.

Capacity building

Canadian police train and mentor foreign police, giving them necessary skills to maintain law and order.

Liaison officers and analysts

Our deployed law enforcement personnel are able to provide critical support to both domestic and international partners.


The RCMP works with domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as government partners to support international investigations.


International partnerships help keep Canada safe from globalized criminal threats.

Peacekeeping operations campaign

Read about interesting facts about deployments on the RCMP's campaign page for peacekeeping operations.

Peace operations partners

Learn more about what you need to apply for a peace operation.

Our stories

Read about the experiences of our deployed personnel around the world.

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