Royal Canadian Mounted Police

National security

The Federal Policing National Security Program works in collaboration with intelligence and law enforcement partners to protect Canada, its people, and its interests against the greatest domestic and international criminal threats.

Services and information

Reporting national security threats

Know who to contact if you suspect a threat to Canada's national security.

About Federal Policing National Security

Get to know the RCMP's mandate in upholding Canada's national security.

Foreign actor interference

Learn the different forms of Foreign Actor Interference and how the RCMP's National Security Program investigates this threat.

Terrorism and violent extremism

Information on different types of terrorism, violent extremism and the RCMP's role in fighting this threat.

Terrorist financing

Learn how the RCMP disrupts funding to terrorist entities.

Safeguarding critical infrastructure

Learn how the RCMP protects Canada's critical infrastructure from physical and cybercriminal threats.

Extra-territorial investigations

Learn how the RCMP investigates crime committed outside of Canada and helps resolve international cases.

National Security Information Network

You can report information about signs of terrorist-planning activities or radicalization to violence to the RCMP's National Security Information Network.

Recruitment: A career in national security

Discover the countless opportunities to develop an exciting career in Federal Policing.

Other resources

Get more information about national security.

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