Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Musical Ride

A symbol of tradition, honour, and pride, the Musical Ride is a Canadian icon recognized at home and abroad. The Musical Ride supports front-line police operations by building positive relationships, supporting recruiting efforts and promoting the RCMP's image in communities in Canada and around the world.

The troop of up to 32 riders, who are all police officers, and their horses perform intricate formations and drills set to music, lasting about 30 minutes. These movements demand the utmost control, timing, and coordination.

Services and information

Musical Ride tour schedule

Find out where the Musical Ride is performing during its current tour.

Name the Foal contest

Find information on our annual contest that gives our foals their names.

RCMP horse breeding program

Discover the history of our renowned horse breeding program and find out how our foals become Musical Ride horses.

Stables and visitor centre

Take a tour of the Musical Ride Visitor Centre and stables.

Hosting the Musical Ride

Learn what you need to do to bring the Musical Ride to your town or event.

Musical Ride Open House

Get information on this annual event where we open our doors to the community in support of a good cause.

Riders and horses

Meet the members of the Musical Ride and their horses.

Videos and photos

Watch videos that take you behind the scenes of the Musical Ride and see photos of some of the different formations.

Mounted Police Seminar

Find the seminar dates, discover what you'll learn, and find out if you qualify.

Commissioner's inspection

Learn about the annual Commissioner's inspection, which marks the official start of the Musical Ride tour each year.

History of the Musical Ride

Discover the origins of the Musical Ride and learn about key dates and events in its history.

Canadian Sunset Ceremonies

Join us for the RCMP's Canadian Sunset Ceremonies in Ottawa, Ontario.

Divestment of Horses program

Learn more about our program that allows us to donate surplus horses that no longer meet the standards of the Musical Ride.

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