Royal Canadian Mounted Police

2022-2023 Departmental Results Report

Corporate information

Raison d'être, mandate and role

The RCMP's purpose and what is does for the public

Operating context

A brief overview of the RCMP's external and internal operating environment

Supplementary information

Actual results on workplace wellness and diversity

The RCMP's results on workplace wellness, diversity and inclusion, and trust and confidence

Annex to the Statement of management responsibility including internal control over financial reporting Royal Canadian Mounted Police fiscal year 2022-2023

An overview of the RCMP’s system of internal control over financial reporting, including assessment results and ongoing monitoring plan

Details on transfer payment programs

Financial and program details for the RCMP's individual transfer payment programs

Financial Statements (Unaudited) of Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the year ended March 31, 2023

The RCMP's unaudited financial statements for the year end March 31, 2023

Forensic Science and Identification Services key performance indicators

Actual results for Forensic Science and Identification Services’ key performance indicators

Gender-based Analysis Plus

The RCMP's progress in developing a sustainable and systematic Gender-based Analysis Plus framework

Reporting on green procurement

The RCMP’s actual results for key green procurement performance indicators

Response to parliamentary committees and external audits

Details of the RCMP’s responses to parliamentary committees and external audits

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